For all dancers we recommend:

Lips: a matte wine color that is not too red or pink, no shimmer. A color stay lipstick would be perfect.

Cheeks: dust with a light pink.

Eyes: For dancers under age 12, you may use earth tone colors. Medium brown on the lid with a lighter color brushed on the brow. Young dancers might just touch lids with their light pink blush.

For dancers 13+ we would recommend using black eyeliner and black mascara along with a smokey eye. This can be done using mocha brown colors or dark and light grey colors. PLEASE do not use black eye shadow. Click here for a great video to show you how.

Note to older students only: no need to use a base cover up. A light powder would be a good idea to keep the face from shinning.


For anyone in a ballet class, hair should be worn in bun on the crown of the head (see photo below). If you are in multiple classes, hair can remain in a bun.

All other classes should wear their hair in a high ponytail, also based at the crown of the head. Please be sure that the tie blends in with the color of your hair.


Please do not wear jewelry. If earrings must be worn, please wear simple posts.

We would prefer no nail polish, temporary tattoos, or glitter.