Studio Hours

With the hourly updates and closures happening with Covid-19 we are airing on the side of caution and putting all in-person activities on pause – hopefully it will make a difference for others and we can get back to the things we love in time! For now, the studio will be closed for the remainder of March.

The staff here at All That Dance are hoping to be able to get together and possibly put together some material for you to view on line, but with the uncertainty that surrounds this situation, we want to be sure to not over promise and under deliver. Like everything else these days, we are having to take a wait and see attitude.

Please know that as a small business, we are grateful for your loyalty and support. We truly do think of you as family. So stay safe, make good decisions and go wash your hands!!

With love,

Ms. Eileen

We will re-evaluate where we are at the end of March.

Other Dates to Note:

The 2020 Year End Review will be on

June 5th and 6th.